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Google Map Dark Mode

Google Maps Dark Mode 

Google Maps Dark Mode

So Far, It Looks Like You'll Need The Latest Version Of Google Maps For Android To Get Dark Mode, Which Is Version 10.5.1. The Folks On Reddit That Got This Dark Theme Are Running Android 10 And Android 11, So Your Device's Android Version Doesn't Appear To Matter.

Google Hasn't Officially Announced This Maps Dark Theme Yet, And Some Folks Who Have The Newest Version Of The App Still Don't Have Dark Mode. So It's Likely That This Is A Server Side Change That You'll Just Have To Wait For Google To Flip For Your Device.

Google Maps Has Offered A Dark Mode For When You're Navigating At Night For A While Now, But This New Dark Mode Turns The Entire App Dark. It'll Be Useful For Those Times When You Do Need Directions At Night And Don't Want To Be Blinded By A White Interface. And While It Has Taken A While For Google Maps To Finally Get A Dark Mode, It's Important That Google Make Sure Everything Looks And Works Correctly Since Maps Is A Hugely Popular App That Many People Rely On To Get Around Every Day.

Dark Theme Is Making Its Way To Google Maps As Some Users Are Reporting. Google Is Rolling Out An App-wide Dark Mode To Google Maps As Of Version 10.51.1 Running On Android 11.It Seems The Change Is Gradually Rolling Out On The Server Side As Updating To The Latest Version Of Google Maps Is Not Enough To See The Option Appear In The App’s Settings Menu.

The Appearance Setting In The App Will Let You Force The Dark Theme Indefinitely Or Match The Android Phone’s Universal System Theme Setting.

There Has Always Been An Automatic Night-mode That Switches On During Navigation When The Sun Goes Down Of If The User Is Navigating Through A Tunnel, But It Was Never Applied When Browsing Maps Or Menus.Is Anyone Else Seeing This Update On Their End? I Have Not Yet Seen The Change Reflect On My Oneplus 8 Pro Running The Oxygen Os 11 Open Beta 2.