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If Sleep Is Not Complete, The Feeling Of Happiness Also Decreases!


If Sleep Is Not Complete, The Feeling Of Happiness Also Decreases

A Person Can Suffer From A Variety Of Diseases If They Don't Get Enough Sleep, But A Recent Study In Canada Found That Sleep Deprivation Can Reduce A Person's Ability To Feel Happy. As A Result, They May Experience Severe Fatigue And Poor Performance. The Study, Conducted Under The Supervision Of Nancy Sun Of The University Of British Columbia, Vancouver, Looked At 2,000 People Aged 33 To 48. 

Lack Of Sleep Alone Cannot Cause Depression, But It Does Play A Role. Lack Of Sleep Caused By Another Medical Illness Or By Personal Problems Can Make Depression Worse. An Inability To Sleep That Lasts Over A Long Period Of Time Is Also An Important Clue That Someone May Be Depressed

If Sleep Is Not Complete, The Feeling Of Happiness Also Decreases!
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All Participants In The Study, Which Lasted For Eight Days, Were Asked To Fill Out A Questionnaire Daily, Which Provided Them With Information About Last Night's Sleep Duration, Mood, And Various Emotions, Feelings, And Nervous Tension During The Day.

After Analyzing All The Information Provided By The Participants After The Study, It Was Found That All The Volunteers Who Had A Good Night's Sleep Not Only Had The Ability To Cope With More Stress The Next Day But Also To Feel Happier. Were Also Able.

In Contrast, People Who Got Less Than Normal Healthy Sleep Or Who Could Not Get A Good Night's Sleep Experienced More Nervous Tension Throughout The Next Day, And Less Happiness Over Events That Led To Happiness. Or Not Happy At All.

The Research, Published Online In The Latest Issue Of The Research Journal "Health Psychology", Shows That The Effects Of Poor Sleep Or Inadequate Sleep Can Affect Our Physical Health On The One Hand And Our Health On The Other. Can Also Destroy Mental And Emotional State.

For This Reason, Experts Recommend Avoiding Waking Up Late At Night And Getting Enough Sleep At The Right Time. Otherwise, Your Health Can Be Severely Affected.