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Judge has blocked Order to banning WeChat from App Store

Why the American Establishment Shows depression on Chinese Apps?

US plan to banning WeChat

The Trump administration has alleged it threatens national security on WeChat. A judge has blocked a US government attempt to ban the Chinese messaging and payments app, WeChat.US Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler said the ban raised serious questions related to the constitution's first amendment, guaranteeing free speech. The Department of Commerce had announced a bar on WeChat appearing in US app stores from Sunday, effectively shutting it down. The Commerce Department of the United States issued an executive order to Apple and Google to ban WeChat and TikTok from their app stores, but now US District Judge Carl Nichols blocked the decision.

The judge said the government ”must file a response to a request by TikTok for a preliminary injunction or delay the order by 2:30 pm EDT Friday.”

The Trump administration has alleged it threatens national security. It says the app could pass user data to the Chinese government.

Why the US government attempt to ban the Chinese messaging App WeChat?

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What is 5G?

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