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US Experts Devolping Smart Watch For The Diagnosis Of COVID-19


US Experts Devolping Smart Watch For The Diagnosis Of COVID-19

Washington (Reuters) - Us Experts Have Begun Developing A Smartwash And RingThat Detects The Corona Virus Before Symptoms Appear.According To The Details, The Deadly Epidemic Of Corona Virus Has Spread All Over The World Which Could Not Be Controlled Even After Several Months, However, Experts Of Different Countries Are Conducting Trials Of Vaccine To Prevent Corona Virus.

US Experts Devolping Smart Watch And Ring For The Diagnosis Of COVID-19

According To Media Reports, Us Experts Have Begun Testing The Clock And Ring Of The Virus Before The Symptoms Of The Corona Virus Appear.

According To Foreign Media Reports, The Project Is Called "Rapid Threat Analysis" Or Ret, It Uses "Garman And Aura" Devices That Are Equipped With Programs And Artificial Intelligence.According To A Report By A Foreign News Agency, About 250,000 Cases Of Corona Virus And Other Diseases Have Been Solved With The Help Of These Devices.

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Researchers At Smartwatch Have Concluded That People Who Experience Corona Notice Minor Changes In Their Body Before Symptoms Appear, But That The Watch And The Ring Allow Them To Experience COVID-19 Symptoms During These Changes. Can Tell About