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Working Digital Calculator using HTML CSS & jQuery

Greetings Everyone, Today in this blog post you'll learn how to build a Digital Calculator using HTML CSS & jQuery. Previously I have shared a Working Analog Clock using HTML CSS & Javascript, now it's time to create a Working Calculator using jQuery. 

Do you ever imagine what you can do you using JavaScript or jQuery? Javascript allows you to do all that you will never think about. As you know previously we have made an Amazing Analog clock using java-script. At this time JavaScript is one of the most demanding programming languages.

How to make Working Disgital Calculator using HTML CSS & jQuery

As you can see in the image, this is a Calculator. You will find a calculator program the same as this on a very familiar website like CodePen, but that program will be very difficult. If you are a beginner or watching for simple code then definitely difficult you to understand. 

In the image, there are some buttons and numbers. When you click on that specific button, the number of that button will be shown on the display.

Source Code.

I hope your doubts are clear now. If you're feeling difficulty to do code of this clock, Don't worry you can easily get the source code of this Javascript Clock from the Codepen which is given below.

See the Pen How to make Working Disgital Calculator using HTML CSS & jQuery by CH RAHMAN (@Sufya) on CodePen.