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Google New Hum Search For Music Feature Helps You To Find Song

Google New Search Feature Helps You To Find Song

 Google introduces a new way to search for music on the Internet: If you want to find a particular song or music pattern, use Google's new feature "hum to search" Let it be a part of it (10 to 15 seconds), no matter how vague it may be. Google will search for all similar melodies and songs.

Google New Hum Search For Music Feature Helps You To Find Song

This was announced yesterday in Google's official blog. It relies primarily on voice search techniques that have been further improved, especially for music and song search. That's why this feature can be introduced in Google Voice Search under the title "Search A Song".

In addition to humming any song you want to find, you can also whistle in this way, Google will still search for similar tunes or songs.

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According to the Google Blog, each song and lyrics have some unique features that can be called "fingerprints".

The "Hum to Search" feature's algorithm is so intelligent that it compares the "fingerprints" of your humming melody to the specific fingerprints of other melodies and songs, and similar melodies in seconds and Displays the song in "Search Results".

Currently, this feature for Apple iPhone only supports English songs, however, in all other Android smartphones, this feature can find songs in 20 languages.