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CS408 Assignment 3 Solution 2021

CS408 Assignment 3 Solution 2021

CS408 Assignment 3 Solution 2021

In This Post, I've CS408 Assignment 3 Solution 2021. Download CS408 Assignment Solution File From Here. Download Moaaz past papers and Waqar's past papers from our website. You can Download all assignment solutions from our website.

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Question No 1 Solution

From the above two Figures. Figure I is High Fidelity Prototype and Figure 2 is Low is Low Fidelity Prototype. The detail and difference are given below.

Low Fidelity Prototype

The Low Fidelity Prototype is a rough drawing that is made with respect to different scenarios and requirements to get feedback from the audience.

High Fidelity Prototype

The High-Fidelity Prototype is professional designs that are made by expert graphic designers. High-Fidelity Prototypes unnecessary information is removed to make minimal design interface and attractive.

Question No 2


The website design of the given URL: (Imps: matches many of Nielsen's design principles from which some principles and their explanation is given below: Aesthetic and minimalist design

The design of the website is aesthetic very attractive and minimalist which matches Nielsen's design principle this website is easy to use for any user.

Help and documentation

In the given website help tag is also given in the footer.

Flexibility and efficiency of use

The given website is very flexible and efficient.

Match between system and the real world

This website Matches between system and real world.

User freedom and control

This is a user freedom website because users can easily go back or to the previous page without having to go Through an extended dialog.