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How to Uninstall or delete Whatsapp Account

uninstall whatsapp account
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How to Uninstall or delete Whatsapp Account?

Many users are now thinking of getting eliminate this messaging app after WhatsApp, the foremost popular messaging application changed its policy.

There are various speculations about this app of Facebook which are forcing the users to contemplate uninstalling it.

WhatsApp users have started using other apps, but a way to get complete freedom from WhatsApp is difficult for them. Protect your data, including chats, photos, and videos, before you uninstall WhatsApp.Read more: Another big news for WhatsApp users after the new policy

Save your chats, photos, and videos on WhatsApp separately within the phone memory. it's dangerous to save lots of chats here but videos and photos may be saved. Even then, WhatsApp can not be uninstalled because doing so will keep your account safe with the social media giant and keep your data shared.

Tips To Delete Whatsapp Account Data

This requires that you just first delete your account from WhatsApp and so uninstall WhatsApp when this happens.