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ISL201 GDB Solution Fall 2020

ISL201 GDB Solution Fall 2020

ISL201 GDB Solution Fall 2020

In This Post, I've ISL201 GDB Solution Fall 2020. You'll Download GDB Solution File From Here. If You Prefer Our Work Please Share Our Website With Friends. All GDBs Solutions Fall 2020 Will Be Available Here. 

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The following eight act in your daily life other than worship which can cause obedience of Allah Almighty are as follow


1. Obey parent rules
2. Earn halal
3. Care of neighbor’s
4. Tell the truth
5. Doing justice in people
6. Serves poor and helpful person
7. Teaching children well
8. Respect our elder and children’s

GDB Solution ISL201

1) First of all we have to obey Holy prophet in every matter of life to gain ALLAH Almighty’s obedience.
2) After holy prophet PBUH we should obey our parents to gain ALLAH almighty’s obedience.
3) Responding to greetings, responding to sneezing, ie, saying Yarhamuk Allah.
4) visiting a sick person when the disease is severe,
5) bathing and shrouding of a Muslim corpse, funeral prayers and burial, etc.
6) doing wudoo’ for them; using the miswaak when doing wudoo’ and praying; praying in congregation (jamaa‘ah)
7) the regular Sunnah prayers, Duha prayer, qiyaam al-layl (voluntary prayers at night); Witr prayer
8) Reciting holy Quran daily and especially Sorah Al Mulq at every night of the year
9) Helping others without any greed, Feeding the Poor, Earn Rizk e halal, and many other such acts we can do to gain ALLAH’s obedient.
10) the adhkaar for morning and evening; adhkaar to be recited by day praying Taraweeh in congregation in the mosque; offering the Eid prayers.
11) offering voluntary prayers times observing voluntary fasts; ‘umrah; remembering Allah (dhikr); reading Qur’an.
12) sending blessings upon the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him); supplication (du‘aa’); praying for forgiveness (istighfaar).
13) feeding the poor (charity), attending funerals and visiting the sick.