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SOC101 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2021

SOC101 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2021

SOC101 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2021

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SOC101 GDB idea Solution Fall2020/2021


In my opinion these steps should be taken to eliminate the dissimilatory domination of the men
over women and creating a balance between both genders.

Educating Women

In 2017, Women literacy rate was just 47%. It was because of the mindset that women work at
home so education is not necessary for them. Illiteracy among women make them silence against
violence whereas Literacy snake them stronger in society hence and end of the male dominant

Eliminating violence Against Women

Government should take serious action on violence cases. As daily times reported in 2019 that
Pakistan is the sixth most dangerous. Country for women. Strict laws are compulsory to be made
against the culprits. Women agreeing beaten up by their husbands in house people torture women
on road and in work, harassment in educational institution and sexual violence are major issues
to be solved which can be done by making strict laws against the people who violet women

Paying equal wages

In Pakistan it has been seen that women are note equally paid as man for the same work. Hence,
companies must change this attitude and must start treating both genders equally. This step will
empower women in society and wall eliminate patriarchy.

Information About Gender Equality

A majority of Pakistan don't even know the importance of gender equality in society rather they
accept Patriarchy. Women do not talk about their rights because they have accepted male
dominant society and people have set norms that women are caretaker of man and she cannot
improve herself economically. So, for changing this sort of mindset gender equality should be
taught in other means including electronic media and social media etc. we cannot expect for a
change without training people.

Increase Women representation in politics and services

In More chances should be given to women to join politics and services so that they can help many
women in funding their rights and making influence on economy of family.