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Youtube New Feature for videos & e-commerce

Youtube New Feature 2021

Youtube Updated Features videos & e-commerce

YouTube recently announced a separate page for specific hashtag videos and now has two great features that can be very helpful for YouTubers as well. One of the features is to tag the item or items in the video and the other feature is that by uploading any video you can instantly find out its popularity and other details 24 hours a day.

Video tag feature

Some major YouTubers and video makers have been invited by the co-platform to tag various items within the video. It can be a book, a phone or even furniture. For example, if a YouTuber is talking on a phone and connected device, he can tag the video and add its details, website or price, etc.

According to YouTube, on the one hand, e-commerce and direct purchase of videos from YouTube will be promoted, on the other hand, YouTube's revenue will also increase. According to the official statement of YouTube, the items that will be tagged will have a shopping bag icon which can be seen on the left side of the video. Clicking on it will add the purchase option and other details.

This option is currently being viewed in the United States and will soon be available worldwide.

YouTube Matrix Option

Although YouTube Studio already has a Matrix Insider for videos, it has added a new feature, especially for YouTube users who are constantly worrying about their creations. This allows you to see what happens 24 hours after the new video is uploaded and what the basic data shows.

Interestingly, this way you can see the 24 knee position of the two videos together. This will help you to better understand the performance of videos and get information.