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 Animated Login & Register Form

Today in this post you’ll learn how to create a Multi-Step Login and Register Form with using HTML CSS & JavaScript. Earlier I have shared many blogs on how to create a Login Form using HTML & CSS. So now it’s time to create a Login And Register Form in HTML.

Animated Login SignUp Form

As you have seen, this type of Multi-Step Forms in many websites. Some of them are created using Bootstrap. But today in this post, I’ll share with you this program (Multi-Step Form with Step Progress) which is based on HTML CSS & JavaScript.

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Register Form (SignUp Form)

This form is a long-form and it has broken into 2 steps. First One is Login Page and the second one is Register Page. In each step, there is a Login Form that the user needs to enter the Register Page. And I’ve also added a button on the top of the Form which indicates step.

Register Form (SignUp Form)

If you do not understand what I am saying. You can Download And Copy Code From Below.full video tutorial on this program (Animated Login SignUp Form in HTML).

See the Pen
Animatd Login Signup Form
by Ćh Sufyan (@h-sufyan)
on CodePen.

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