PM Imran Khan Wants To Ban TikTok For “Harming Society’s Values”

TikTok should ban due to “Harming Society’s Values” PM Imran says

According to Information Minister Shibli Faraz, the Prime Minister has ordered government departments to restrict and block apps like Tik Tok that are helping to spread “obscenity and vulgarity” in Pakistani society.

The minister’s statement was quoted by The News as saying that he had spoken to the prime minister several times about the issue and that Imran Khan had asked to take action against obscenity apps and social media outlets and Asked to create a comprehensive strategy for.

Tik Tok ban in pakistan

He continued saying that the Prime Minister had accused the country of increasing the number of cases of rape for the sake of increasing crime and also said that Tik Tok was hurting the values ​​of our society and that Should be banned.

Similarly, PEMRA has been ordered to double its censorship of such content on private TV channels, but the department has not stepped up its efforts so far.

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The Information Minister also said that he would hold a meeting with the Managing Director of PTV to ensure that such content was not aired on the channel, adding that it would be aired on other channels in the country and Should be a role model.

According to The News, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Information Lt. Gen. (retd) Asim Bajwa is working on a strategy to reduce obscene and explicit content from locally produced TV serials and films, and instead To focus on Muslim dramas and dramas highlighting Islamic history.

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